Rules for new drivers

Rules for new drivers

What you need to know as a new driver

Within the first two years of passing your driving test, you are classed as a new driver. That means that stricter rules apply to you than to other drivers. These rules tend to be stricter to make sure that you stay safe on the road, preventing new drivers from reckless behaviours that could have very harmful outcomes. That means that if you are charged with any offences during these two years and get more than six points on your licence, your licence is automatically revoked. That means that you have to apply for a provisional licence and pass your theory and driving test again, or any other test that is essential for your vehicle.

This can be an extreme inconvenience for any new drivers who need their licence for work or any other essential travel. Due to Covid, the waiting times for a theory or driving test are longer than ever before, meaning that having to repeat the whole process will take a long time and expense. However, sometimes these circumstances cannot be avoided, and you may have to pass all your tests again after you get your licence revoked.

What should I do if I got six or more points in my probationary period?

If you get six points on your licence within the first two years since passing your driving test, your licence will be automatically revoked, meaning that you will have to reapply for a provisional licence and retake all necessary tests. You can go to court, however, there is a risk of getting another 6-8 points for not accepting the charge. It is very difficult to defend a licence being revoked as the offence doesn’t go through court, and the process is automatic.

This is why new drivers need to get all the help they need to avoid the smaller penalties from adding up and getting their licence revoked. If it is a big penalty with up to six points then it is very difficult to take this claim to court because of the procedure. That is why we advise you to contact Solicitors On Your Side, our professional solicitors can help you explore your options in your current situation, ensuring you come out with the best possible outcome.

What Can I do if I already have six points on my provisional licence?

If you already have six points on your provisional licence, you can pass your driving test. You have to be very careful after passing as if you get any extra points during your probationary period, you will get your licence revoked and have to re-apply for a provisional licence and re-pass all your driving tests. This process can be very costly and frustrating for every new driver. Solicitors On Your Side will help you find the best possible outcome for your situation.

What will happen if I get my licence revoked?

In most cases, if you get your license revoked, there’s little you can do to defend your case as it is an automatic process, and the DVLA gets automatically notified when it happens. You then receive a letter as to why you got your licence revoked and any next steps you can take to apply for a provisional licence and do any driving tests. If your licence has been revoked, you can contact Solicitors On Your Side to fight your case, and our solicitors will use their knowledge to give you the best advice for your current situation.

Have you been convicted of a motoring offence?

If you have been charged with a motoring offence, contact Solicitors On Your Side now to help you lower your penalties. We understand that these situations can be very time consuming and stressful but at Solicitors On Your Side, we will try to make the process as quick as possible.

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