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Electric Bicycles & Scooters

Rules for Electric Bikes and Scooters in the UK

Using electric bicycles and scooters can be a very good option to be considerate to the environment, and it is an efficient way to travel around towns or cities. With the growing number of electric scooters and bikes on our roads, the rates of related motoring offences are drastically rising.

With the rise of the popularity of e-bikes and scooters, laws and regulations have been created to make sure that they are used safely. Some of these bikes and scooters can go as fast as motor vehicles, making them just as dangerous on the road. Using them dangerously can pose a danger to other vehicles and people.

Rules for Electric Bicycles and Scooters

For less powerful vehicles, different laws apply. Less powerful vehicles are put in the same category as tricycles and light quadricycles. If the power of the vehicle allows it to go up to 15.5mph with a power input of less than 250W, it is treated the same as a bike. That means that it can be used on the same paths as bicycles, without the need for a licence. If the vehicle can travel 28mph or less, they are treated legally the same as 50cc scooters. That means that the vehicle must travel on roads, with insurance and a licence. These types of vehicles cannot go on motorways because of their small motors.

Offences for electric bicycles and scooters under 15.5mph

If you have a less powerful electric bike, the same rules will apply to you as to normal bikes. That means you can legally ride it on the same paths as bikes. This also means that you don’t need a licence or insurance. However, bikes are not exempt from fines and penalties. Bike users and e-bike users can be still fined for careless cycling and cycling on the pavement.

Offences for Electric Bicycles and Scooters over 28mph

Depending on how powerful your vehicle is, it can fall under the same category as mopeds and scooters. If you fail to insure your electric scooter or bicycle, and it exceeds the speed of 25mph, you can pay the same charges as any other motor vehicle, with unlimited charges and 6-8 points on your licence. If you are found using the cycle or riding path, you can be charged a fixed fine of £300 with 6 penalty points on your licence.

If you are charged with an electric bicycle or scooter offence, then Solicitors On Your Side can help you lower your charges. Depending on how severe the charges are, people travelling using electric scooters or bicycles incorrectly can face a hefty fine, points on their licence and even a driving disqualification. Solicitors on Your Side will use their extensive knowledge and expertise on motoring laws, to help you explore your options, and come out with the best possible outcome.

Consequences of charges

One thing that people don’t consider is, that more serious motoring offences can end up going on your criminal record. A criminal record doesn’t look good for future employers and can reduce your chances of getting a job in the future. Motoring convictions can also have an impact on your insurance and can increase your insurance premiums drastically.

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