NHS Never Event Claims

NHS Negligence Claims

Most of the British population rely on the NHS to help them with any medical problems, whether they are severe or minor. It is the doctors’ responsibility to ensure that you get the best possible treatment for your problem. If you have been treated negligently under the care of NHS staff, we highly recommend that you contact Solicitors On Your Side now.

Types of NHS negligence during the procedure

There is a range of things that can be carried out negligently during treatment and procedures under the NHS. Negligence can be frequent as there are about 4 million surgeries performed under the NHS per year. The most frequent types of negligence during NHS surgeries and treatment include:

  • Anaesthesia dosage; giving too much or too little of it.
  • Nerve damage caused by neglect: treatment, diagnosis etc.
  • Foreign objects left in the body during surgeries and procedures.
  • Performing the wrong operation is also known as Never Event claims.

Prescription errors

It is also crucial that professionals ensure that you get the correct prescription and medication following your diagnosis. If the wrong prescription is given to the patient, it can have a detrimental impact on their health. It can lead to incorrect treatment and even some dangerous complications. If you have suffered from a prescription error, we highly advise that you contact Solicitors On Your Side now.

It is also important that professionals give you the correct advice concerning your medical treatment, prescription and medication. If you have been prescribed medication, the professional must ensure you get correctly advised on your dosage information. If the professional informs the wrong dosage, storage description or the time the medicine is meant to be taken, it can considerably impact the outcome of your treatment. Some medications must be taken in a particular way and stored in the right environment to work, otherwise, they may not work correctly.

It is also crucial that the medical professional gives you options for any alternative treatment so that you can get the correct treatment that works for you. As well as getting any treatment or medication that does not clash with the ones you are already getting. Some procedures or medicines are not compatible and therefore might cause more harm than good if taken incorrectly.

Misdiagnosis and delay in diagnosis  

NHS misdiagnosis or delay or diagnosis is also a common claim made by patients. If the professional fails to diagnose you suitably, it can lead to incorrect treatment or delay in treatment. During some illnesses such as cancer; it is significant to get treatment as soon as possible, to avoid the chances of complications.

Lost in the system claims

Lost in the system claims are frequent in the NHS. During illnesses, some patients may need to visit a few professionals, and these need to make sure that the correct test results and any diagnostics are carried on providing correct treatment. If a lost in the system error occurs, it can seriously delay your treatment or diagnosis, leading to complications in the future.

NHS Dental Errors

Dental errors are frequent, and most people in the United Kingdom get their dental procedures under the NHS. Dental negligence claims could include; nerve damage during anaesthetic treatment, misdiagnosis and late diagnosis of dental problems. However, we advise that these are just examples of dental damage in the NHS. If you have experienced any form of dental injury; we highly recommend that you contact Solicitors On Your Side now.

How to make a claim

Our solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side will help you make a successful claim concerning your NHS treatment negligence. There is a range of things that you may have to prove to help with your NHS claim, with the two most important ones including:

  • Proving that the fault was in the medical professional.
  • Proving that the damage was avoidable, and it would not have happened if the procedure was not executed negligently.

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