X-ray negligence claims

What is an x-ray?

An x-ray is a machine that uses electromagnetic waves of high energy and very short wavelength to pass through many different materials to see what is inside. X-rays are significantly valuable to use in the medical environment to have an in-depth look into conditions, with minimal risk. The human body has many different bones and organs inside it, and the x-ray can look inside the human body and take necessary photographs of it.


What are they used for?

X-rays are used for many different things, including looking at bone injuries or detecting tumours. Due to the electromagnetic energy that is used in the x-ray, the inside of human bodies is visible on the screen and in pictures. Clear images can show medical professionals what injuries the person has sustained, and x-rays are very helpful for doctors as they can use these images to diagnose different health conditions. X-rays, when conducted correctly, are not dangerous however, there is a procedure that must always be followed to ensure the patient’s safety.

Why can x-rays be harmful?

As helpful as the x-rays are in the healthcare environment, they can also be quite harmful. X-rays produce ionizing radiation which is a form of energy that acts by removing electrons from atoms and passes through living tissue and other materials to see what is inside these materials. The ionizing radiation is harmful to organisms; it can cause mutations of DNA and might lead to cancer in later life; it can also cause skin burns, loss of hair and damage to human cells.

Sometimes people might need multiple x-rays in their lifetime; it is significantly crucial for the doctors to record the x-ray or other scans that produce radiation, as having many scans should be avoided, this is due to the ionizing radiation and the complications that can occur from it.

Being exposed to too much radiation can cause radiation poisoning, which causes loss of appetite, fatigue, and fever, and more severe consequences can lead to seizures and even a coma.

If the medical professional is aware that you have had multiple scans in the past, they should let you know about all the risks after being exposed to extended radiation.

No matter how experienced the medical professional is, it is their duty of care to ensure their patient’s safety always. They must only refer you to treatment that will not cause you any harm.

Misdiagnosis is common negligence that patients experience, during which the medical professional may interpret scan images incorrectly. Therefore, the patient may get the wrong treatment, causing the condition to worsen.

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