Food delivery accidents

Food delivery accident compensation

The food delivery market has doubled since 2015 and 1 in 12 consumers ordered their first online food delivery due to the coronavirus pandemic. With £11.2 billion spent by UK households so far on takeaways, with the number gradually growing due to the accessibility of food order apps. This market is only going to grow, with big firms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo growing in popularity, so is demand for delivery drivers. Most of these delivery drivers are cyclists and motorcyclists, leading to my next point, they are more likely to be involved in a serious road traffic accident.

Food delivery jobs

Unsurprisingly, food delivery jobs are appealing to a lot of people, with flexible hours and pay by the job, more and more people are choosing that path to earn some extra income. However, these jobs can be especially dangerous, especially if they are using bikes, motorbikes, or mopeds as a form of transport, and a more likely to experience a serious injury from a road traffic accident.

Vulnerable road users

Food delivery drivers who drive motorbikes, mopeds, or bikes as a part of their jobs, are most vulnerable on the roads, due to the lack of exterior protection they possess. Other road users tend to drive around vulnerable road users negligently, and there is a range of behaviours that can cause road traffic accidents involving vulnerable road users:

  • Not giving bikes, motorbikes, and mopeds enough space when overtaking.
  • Driving dangerously at junctions, like pulling out on them and overtaking.
  • Not leaving them enough space when driving behind them.

Vulnerable road users are more likely to be affected by road conditions, things such as bad weather conditions and potholes may cause vulnerable road users to swerve onto the road to avoid hazards. Less vulnerable road users, such as cars and vans must give vulnerable road users just as much space as they would for any other road user, and if they fail to do so and the vulnerable road user swerves onto the road, it can lead to a road traffic accident.

In most cases, during road traffic accidents, vulnerable road users are more prone to severe injuries, due to the lack of exterior protection that they possess compared to less vulnerable road users.

If you work in the food delivery service and were involved in a road traffic accident as a vulnerable road user, we highly advise you to contact one of our experienced solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side to get a free initial consultation and start a successful case.

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Here at Solicitors On Your Side, we understand that being involved in a road traffic accident especially as a vulnerable road user at work can be an extremely traumatizing and stressful situation to be in, this is why we believe that you deserve the correct compensation for your accident. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, we highly advise that you contact one of our experienced solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side to get the highest possible compensation for your case, in the most stress-free and easy way.

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