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NHS backlog figures – and how it can affect you

Before the COVID pandemic, the NHS backlog was on a high, affecting patients waiting for essential procedures and stopping them from getting care and treatment. In 2020, the backlog consisted of 4.43 million patients on a waiting list for care. At the start of the pandemic as the British Medical Association stated, the amount of patients on the waiting list has dropped but since has risen, with a record number of 6 million patients on the waiting list. In December, the average patient waiting for treatment was 12.5 weeks. If you have been affected by the backlog, stopping you from getting the right treatment is a good time, contact our experienced solicitors now. 

Figures on Cancer Treatment 

The British Medical Association noted that GP referrals concerning Cancer treatment are “worryingly low”. This is predicted to be due to the pressure on the NHS, focusing on keeping the pandemic under control. But these backlogs can have a severely detrimental impact on cancer patients who require urgent care and early diagnosis and treatment. Conditions like cancer need to be diagnosed and treated quickly. Due to how aggressive cancer can be, it can severely affect the recovery rates in patients. 

Furthermore, due to the backlog and pressures on medical professionals at this pressing time, it is more likely that cancer patients can be missed or mistreated. If you have experienced delay or negligence concerning your cancer treatment, it can be a truthfully traumatising experience for you and your family; this is why we highly advise you to contact our solicitors now. We will provide you with professional and thorough advice on the best action to take and help you start a successful claim for your trauma. 

Dental Backlog 

If you have recently moved houses or had to join a new dental practice, you have probably experienced difficulty in even trying to join a new NHS Dental practice; even before the pandemic, admissions to new dental practice was a difficult task, which now seems merely impossible. This resulted in many patients having to resort to private care, which can be a lot more expensive than regular NHS dental treatments. 

Even patients who are currently are registered at an NHS dental practice, face months in delay for minor procedures or even a dental check-up. If you have experienced delays or negligence due to dental procedures, we highly advise you to contact one of our solicitors now.

What are the time limits for making claim?

In most cases, you will have either three years from the date of your injury or three years from the date that you found out that you had suffered medical negligence, to make a claim.

However, some exceptions are made to this, these can include:

  • If the medical negligence claim involves a child, then you can claim on their behalf anytime up until their 18th After that date, they will have three years to make a claim themselves.
  • If you or the person you’re claiming for is ‘mentally incapacitated’ – that is, unable to claim for reasons such as brain damage, then there is no time limit.

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