Drink Driving

Charged With Drink Driving? A Basic Guide To The Procedure

Being found drink driving comes with hefty charges; you can even find yourself disqualified from driving, which can pose a huge inconvenience to your daily life, particularly if you use driving as a part of your job. To find out more about the penalties of drink driving visit our Drink driving page. Our experienced solicitors frequently use the police station procedure and any errors in it as a defence to help lower your penalties, as errors can be easily made during these complicated procedures.

Police Station Procedure

The police station procedure is a very technical and thorough process that needs to be completed adequately, correctly and thoroughly by the police officer. That is why errors are very easy to be made by the police officers, and our experienced solicitors can use that as a defence to help with your case. The police officers must be able to fill out around 20-30 questions thoroughly and correctly with you present; if they fail to do so, our experienced solicitors may use that as a defence to help with your offence and lower and penalties.

Moreover, the evidence must be obtained using a correct procedure; errors in the procedure can be used as a defence to help with your case. Our specialist solicitors can help dissect and identify any errors that could be made during collecting the necessary evidence.

Providing evidence

Evidence can be obtained when defending a charge of drink driving. Our solicitors can identify errors when looking at whether the breath analyser procedure was taken correctly and following the correct procedure.

Sometimes, you may have to provide blood and urine samples to prove that you were under the influence of alcohol when driving. These samples can be taken by a medical practitioner or a police officer at the police station. The procedure of collecting urine and blood is a lot more complicated than the procedure of using a breath analyser. Because of the complexity of the procedure, it is more likely that mistakes can be made.

Common defences 

There is a range of defences our experienced solicitors can use concerning mistakes being made during the compulsory procedure of obtaining evidence, these include:

  • Determining whether the police officer decided to carry out the procedure of obtaining urine and blood samples for the right reasons.
  • Did the police officer make it clear that they are taking the samples as well as informing you thoroughly of the procedure?
  • Determining whether the police officer or nurse obtained relevant consent before obtaining blood or urine samples from you.
  • Determining whether the procedure of obtaining the samples has been carried out correctly
  • Where the samples were taken and how were they stored afterwards.
  • How were the samples analysed, and whether the correct procedure was carried out during this?

How Solicitors On Your Side can help you

We know the procedure extensively and, we can analyse whether all the correct steps were taken correctly.

We advise that after being charged with drink driving, you ask for any CCTV footage from the station and anybody camera footage from the time of the arrest. We advise that you do this as soon as you can, as this could be detrimental evidence to help with your case.

We will ensure to treat your case most professionally, so you feel comfortable conveying your message in the best way.

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