legal advice from driving under the influence of alcohol

Should I get legal advice if found driving under the influence of alcohol?

Whether you would like to seek legal advice after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol is entirely your choice. Nearly all positive results for drink driving lead to a driving disqualification, which can be a huge inconvenience to your daily life. By advising your solicitors, you will have the highest choice of avoiding or lowering these bans. However, it is your choice how crucial driving is in your life. Drink driving is a particularly severe motoring offence. There is a drastic increase in drink driving offences around Christmas time.

After being charged or caught with drink driving, you may be asking yourself if you need a solicitor. It depends on how important your driving licence is to you and how fast you want to get back into driving. The expertise of a solicitor is your best option to come out with the best possible outcome and avoid driving bans.

Sentence for drink driving 

If you want to find out the procedure of being charged with drink driving, read here. If you have been charged with drink driving, you can expect a hefty fine and an obligatory ban from driving for up to 5 years. For more serious offences you can also find yourself with a prison sentence for around six months.

Courts can be remarkably intimidating places for anyone. For those who were found guilty, it can be an exceptionally stressful experience. By assigning experienced solicitors to support you can remarkably relieve the stress and anxiety from attending court. Solicitors can defend your case in the best possible manner due to their expertise in motoring offences. Furthermore, we can appoint a skilled barrister to represent you in court and ensure your rights and interests are defended correctly.

A drink driving offence is a criminal charge and therefore goes on your record for 11 years. That also must be declared if you are ever asked for a criminal record. That is a pressing offence and can stop you from travelling in some countries and can even stop you from getting jobs in the future.

Charged with drink driving – What should I do? 

After reading this article, you will be worried about the outcome of these charges, as they can be substantial. However, these charges can be lowered and avoided when appointing the correct solicitor. Drink driving charges can be successfully defended, and even if you plead guilty, it is possible to get the sentence reduced by presenting mitigating circumstances.

Do I need a solicitor for a drink driving charge? 

Absolutely not. No rules are stating that you need legal representation when going to court after being charged with drink driving. However, it is very recommended, and there is a bigger chance of a positive outcome if you appoint a solicitor to help you with your case. Everyone is entitled to have legal representation after the drink driving charges. Whether you seek it is ultimately your choice.

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