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Charged with Speeding? A Basic Guide To Your Options

Our experienced motoring offences solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side will help you with your speeding offences. If you have been charged with speeding, you can face a range of consequences, as it is a particularly severe offence. You can be either caught by a speeding camera or by a police officer.

The Fixed Penalty Notice for speeding is 3 points and a £100 fine. However, you can face heftier fines depending on the severity of the crime. If you have been charged with a serious speeding offence, you can even face driving disqualification, which can pose a huge inconvenience to your day to day life, especially if driving is a part of your job. Our solicitors will make sure you get back to your daily life in no time. With speeding offences on the rise during the lockdown, according to this BBC article, there was a 71% increase in speeding during the latest lockdown in London. 

What are the penalties for speeding?

If you have been charged with speeding, you can be caught by either a speeding camera or a police officer. If you get caught by a police officer, they can be more lenient and sometimes offer you an official warning. However, you can either face a Fixed Penalty Notice, a Speeding Awareness course or a letter to go into court for more serious offences. To read more about the penalties for speeding visit our Speeding Offences page.

If you have been charged with speeding, we highly recommend that you contact Solicitors On Your Side, so our experienced solicitors can help you explore your options.

Speed Awareness courses after being charged with speeding 

Speed Awareness courses are sometimes available instead of fines and penalties. Most drivers deem them as the better options, saving points on your licence and costing less. They are made not to punish but to re-educate speeding offenders and make sure that they are safe of the road. If you have been caught speeding, we highly recommend that you contact one of our solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side, so we can help determine your options and come out with the best outcome.

Serious offences

For more severe speeding offences, you can find yourself paying a heftier fine and getting a lot more points on your licence; in that case, you may be instructed to go to court. If you have been charged with a speeding offence we highly recommend that you contact Solicitors On Your Side, as we can use our extensive experience to help fight your case and use the right defences to make your penalties less severe. We will also make sure to go about your case most professionally, enabling you to convey your story in the best possible way, so that you can come out with the best possible outcome.

Here at Solicitors On Your Side, we believe that everyone deserves the best legal representation.

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