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Rhinoplasty: The Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Among Men and Women

What is Rhinoplasty?

Our experienced medical negligence solicitors will help you with any rhinoplasty negligence claims you may have to make. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that consists of reconstructing the nose, it is the most common cosmetic surgery amongst men, with 571 in 2019, and the 6th most common for women, with 2,260 in 2019, according to BAAPS Cosmetic Surgery Stats 2019. Rhinoplasty is very popular and tends to be carried out for a range of reasons, most commonly when an individual is feeling insecure about their nose, however, there’s a range of other reasons why people may want a Rhinoplasty, including:

  • Self-esteem issues, everyone deserves the right to feel good in their own body, some people may feel insecure about their nose.
  • After an accident, to fix any broken bones.
  • Health problems, some people have health problems, such as sinus issues and breathing difficulties.

How can Rhinoplasty go wrong?

Rhinoplasty surgery needs an extensive amount of meticulous precision and care when carried out, most of the time patients come out with results they are happy with, however, sometimes procedures can go very wrong, leading to long term external and internal issues.

External issues from Rhinoplasty negligence:

  • Overfilling the tip of the nose is when plastic surgeons fill the nose’s tip too much, which leads to it turning downwards in the finished outcome.
  • Nasal Collapse can be a very bad case of a nose surgery going wrong and needs a couple of attempts to fix, which can be extremely costly to any individual.
  • Overextended nose tip can happen when patients try to get rid of a bump in their nose, and the professional carries out the procedure negligently.
  • Removing too much cartilage, resulting in a distorted tip.

Internal health issues from Rhinoplasty negligence:

  • Breathing Difficulties. If a rhinoplasty goes wrong, it can easily lead to breathing difficulties.
  • Infections can be an aftermath of a rhinoplasty going wrong, some infections can be treated within weeks with antibiotics, however, if the surgeon is negligent and fails to treat infections accordingly, it can lead to long term issues.
  • Numbness and nerve damage. Numbness is very common after a rhinoplasty however if treated negligently, it can lead to long term nerve damage on the face.

It is extremely important that any patients who have undergone nose procedures, get the correct treatment afterwards and go for regular checkups to avoid any problems from occurring in the future. If the surgeon fails to do that, it can lead to problems evolving in the future and lifetime scarring, which can cost you time, money and stress to fix,  if the surgeon doesn’t take responsibility for the damage.

Have you been a subject of rhinoplasty procedure negligence?

If you have experienced negligence, we highly recommend that you contact one of our solicitors now, our solicitors use their extensive knowledge to help you and get the treatment you deserve and make sure you come out with the best possible outcome. We will ensure to provide the right evidence to help back up your claim and enable you to get the correct compensation.

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