Medical misdiagnosis

Everything you need to know about medical misdiagnosis claims

Misdiagnosis cases can be very serious and can lead to severe complications. When you go to the doctor or the GP, you usually attend with an issue that needs resolving in the best possible way to avoid any complications from occurring in the future. If the GP or doctor fails to diagnose and treat an illness in time, it can lead to complications to your health. According to national statistics in 2017/2018, the NHSLA recorded 1,789 individual patients sued the NHS due to misdiagnosis.

Types of misdiagnosis

There are different types of misdiagnosis that individuals may experience; misdiagnosis can lead to severe complications, and our solicitors have years of experience in medical negligence to ensure you come out with the best possible outcome for your case.

The different types of misdiagnosis claims include:

  • Late diagnosis – This means that the patient went to see a medical professional about complications to their health, and the professional failed to diagnose their illness in time, and therefore treat it. Late diagnosis can also occur due to misdiagnosis.
  • Incorrect diagnosis – This can happen when medical professionals fail to correctly diagnose the patient’s symptoms. That leads to inaccurate diagnosis and providing of mistaken treatment. Providing unsuitable treatment delays treatment of the actual illness and can also lead to unnecessary developments due to incorrect treatment.
  • Failure to diagnose – This happens when the patient’s condition is missed entirely. That can lead to the condition rapidly deteriorating and leading to threatening complications. Conditions like cancer need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to avoid complications occurring in the future.

Whether you have suffered from late diagnosis leading to the late treatment of your illness or missed diagnosis altogether, leading to severe complications to your health, our experienced solicitors have years of experience in medical negligence and will help you get the highest possible compensation for your case, in the most stress-free and easy way.

What are the causes of misdiagnosis?

From our experience, we found that the most common causes of misdiagnosis include:

  • Misinterpretation of test results
  • Inadequate expertise, leading to failure to diagnose an illness correctly.
  • Incorrect tests are conducted, failing to determine the cause of illness.
  • Lack of supervision to ensure that tests are conducted correctly.
  • Negligence from the medical professional responsible for your diagnosis and treatment.

Can I claim against the NHS? 

The number of medications on clinical negligence claims had risen by 119% in a singular year. If you have suffered negligence due to misdiagnosis under the NHS, then you are more than eligible to claim compensation for the damages you have experienced.

Can I claim against private clinics?

Especially under private practice, you expect the best possible treatment after spending your hard-earned money to get the best possible outcome. Facing misdiagnosis can be an extremely traumatising and stressful experience for anyone, for which you are entitled to claim compensation for the damages you may have suffered.

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