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How can a late diagnosis affect the patient?

Late diagnosis can be serious and if you have a concern or an issue with your health, you will likely want to go and visit a medical practitioner to correctly and quickly diagnose your problem and therefore treat them in the best possible way. The first and most crucial step of treating any illness is getting the correct diagnosis. Without an appropriate diagnosis, it is likely that the correct treatment will be delayed, resulting in more complications happening in the future. 

No matter whether the condition initially is severe or not, it is highly likely that if it is not treated as soon as possible, it will lead to severe complications to your health. 

Causes of late diagnosis 

There can be a range of causes of late diagnosis, however, from our experienced, the most common causes include: 

  • The medical practitioner fails to identify the symptoms that the patient is experiencing, leading to no or misdiagnosis. 
  • The medical practitioner completely fails to diagnose the condition when the patient initially informs the practitioner, leading to the discovery of the condition at a later stage.

Why is late diagnosis dangerous 

Some conditions require to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible as if left untreated, it can lead to complications. Conditions such as cancer or diabetes need to be diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, to avoid complications from developing, which can cause long term effects, and even be fatal. 

Late diagnosis can also be caused by misdiagnosis, during which the medical practitioner diagnoses the symptoms incorrectly, therefore, leading to incorrect treatment, which in itself can be very dangerous. If you would like to find out more about medical misdiagnosis, read here. 

We understand that individuals want to experience the best possible care when going through complications to their health; it is the medical practitioner’s duty of care to ensure that the patients get the best possible treatment.

Commonly late diagnosed conditions

Experiencing a late diagnosis can be an extremely traumatising and stressful experience for anyone. If you have experienced a late diagnosis contact our solicitors now. The most common conditions that are diagnosed late include: 

  • Meningitis 
  • Heart Attack 
  • Diabetes 
  • Cancer 
  • Appendicitis

If you have experienced any type of late diagnosis, we highly advise that you contact one of our experienced solicitors at Solicitors On your Side. We will ensure that you come out with the highest possible compensation in the most stress-free and easy way. 

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