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Most common medical negligence cases in the UK

Experiencing medical negligence can be an extremely stressful and traumatising experience for anyone. We all rely on medical practitioners to take care of us to the highest possible standard when it is necessary. Medical negligence cases are common. With our extensive experience in medical negligence, we found that some medical negligence is more common than others, the most common ones will be listed in this article.

Surgical negligence 

Surgical errors are when mistakes are made during operations, and they can be severe. Usually, these mistakes are avoidable if procedures are carried out correctly. However, when they do occur, they can have traumatic long-term impacts on the patient. The types of surgical errors can vary; however, the most common ones include:

  • Damage to arteries and veins
  • Anaesthetic issues
  • Leaving surgical instruments in the body
  • Failing to obtain informed consent from the patient before carrying out the procedure.
  • Operating the wrong part of the body

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Dental Negligence Claims 

Dental negligence can have a tremendously negative impact not only on your physical but mental health, affecting your self-confidence. If you faced dental negligence, you can find yourself facing a great cost, to get them fixed privately. The most common causes of dental negligence include:

  • The severing of the nerve
  • Pulling out the wrong tooth
  • Failing to diagnose oral cancer
  • Injury from carrying out the procedure

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Misdiagnosis and late diagnosis

Misdiagnosis cases can fall pretty much under every single medical procedure that individuals may need. Misdiagnosis can lead to considerably dangerous complications. Diagnosis is the sole and most important part of any medical treatment; it enables the patient to get the correct medical treatment in the best possible way. Late diagnosis is usually caused by misdiagnosis but can be also caused by GP negligence, leading to late correct medical treatment and a higher chance of complications in the future.

Medication Errors

Medication errors can be linked to prescription errors and pharmacy errors. GP’s may make a mistake in prescribing the correct medication to the patient or prescribing the wrong dosage, leading to incorrect treatment of an illness. The same thing can happen in the pharmacy, where the pharmacist distributes the wrong medication or in the wrong dosage. Taking the wrong medication and dosage is unlikely to help the illness you may be experiencing. GP’s may also prescribe you the incorrect medication that may clash with any other medications you are taking, which can even be deadly.

Pregnancy errors

Pregnancy errors can have very serious implications to a family and mother’s wellbeing and can cause a lot of trauma and stress to any family. Pregnancy errors can occur at all stages of pregnancy; during pregnancy, birth and treatment after birth. The most common types of pregnancy errors include:

  • Assisted delivery errors
  • Injury to the mother
  • Injury to the child
  • Poor treatment or neglect
  • Midwife negligence

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