Childbirth Negligence

Childbirth Negligence Claims: What do you need to know?

Childbirth Negligence Claims can be one of the most difficult legal tasks that you will ever undertake. No one likes to think about the legal process you must go through if a baby gets hurt due to medical negligence. However, it can happen and leave a devastating impact on both the mother, father and baby. Even if you have decided on natural birth, mistakes can be made.

It is the responsibility of your midwives and doctors to ensure that no complications happen during the birth. In other words, they owe a ”duty of care”. During the lockdown, new rules and regulations have been put in place to protect families during childbirth. However, despite the new cautions, you and your baby could be at risk if your medical specialists do not take care of you during your time in hospital.

Solicitors On Your Side’s expert solicitors understand that this is a sensitive time. That’s why we are ready to support you and give you advice on how you can get help. We handle all of the difficult talks for you and make sure you get time to rest. To get started, call 0330 912 2124 or visit our medical negligence page

What is a medical negligence claim?

These types of personal injury claims tend to be extremely serious. This is because a botched surgery, procedure or misdiagnosis can severely impact the lives of those who are involved. A medical professional has a “duty of care” towards their patients. That means they need to do their best to ensure that you are kept safe during any surgery or medical treatment.

If you have suffered from medical negligence, you have likely experienced one of the following:

Incorrect procedure or unfinished surgery
Wrongly prescribed medication
Incorrect surgery type (i.e. You needed your appendix removed but they removed something else)
You were not informed about the risks of your surgery
A waiver was not given to you that detailed your surgery

These are only a few examples of how medical negligence can occur. Unfortunately, if you have suffered from these mistakes, you could experience an after effect that could ruin your life. This includes pain, infection or a physical problem that will require further attention. Speak to Solicitors On Your Side, as soon as possible if you have been hurt due to medical negligence. You could be owed a large amount of compensation.

Childbirth Negligence Claims: What counts as a birth defect?

A birth defect occurs when the baby is still a foetus inside of the womb. This means that as the baby grows in the womb, it’s likely that their physical body, brain or internal organs are affected or are likely to malfunction once the baby has been born. Although some birth defects are less serious than others, medical professionals need to try and ensure as few complications from procedures or medical examinations occur as possible. If they fail in this task, it is likely the child will experience re-occurring health problems that worsen as they grow older.

Your doctor, consultant or midwife should be keeping an eye on expectant mothers to ensure that baby is always at as little risk during pregnancy and pregnancy medical care. The faster any defects or side effects from procedures are discovered, the more likely it is that they can be sorted before the baby is born, or that the baby is put on the appropriate medication after birth.

Unfortunately, if your midwife/doctor is negligent and is not providing you with the appropriate examinations to ensure your baby is healthy, and then a birth defect appears after it is born due to a medical procedure, your medical professional could be liable for the damages. This is when you should start to consider speaking to Solicitors On Your Side about childbirth negligence claims.

What counts as childbirth negligence?

It is the duty of your doctor to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment during your pregnancy. Through current medical technology, your medical professional can keep an eye on the growth of the foetus and ensure that it is growing at a healthy rate. However, if they fail to do this and the mother of the child is hurt in the process, they could be liable for the damages. Although some damages may only be small, such as vaginal tears during the birth itself, in other cases the damages may require the victim to receive extensive care for the rest of their lives.

You may be wondering if you are eligible for Childbirth Negligence claims. The best way to think about it is in relation to damages and impact. Your doctor was expected to help you. If they were negligent and caused you damages, you could be eligible for compensation. Some examples of this may include:

A lack of examination of the pre-natal foetus
A lack of investigation of the pre-natal foetus if something was discovered
A procedure carried out that harms baby as a foetus
Refusing to investigate after the birth of a child

Although not every birth defect is due to a doctor’s negligence, it is possible that it could be discovered if an investigation is made. That means if there is the potential of a birth defect affecting a baby’s future, a plan can be made to help the parents and child cope.

Solicitors On Your Side can help you with Childbirth Negligence Claims

We understand that going through Childbirth Negligence Claims can be extremely traumatic for both the mother and father of any baby. You only want what is best for your infant. That’s why it’s crucial that you get the legal help that you deserve. It’s time to speak to Solicitors On Your Side about Childbirth Negligence Claims. We can offer you free advice and consultations to get you started. If you are happy to move forward with your claim, we can work with you on a “no win-no fee” basis. That means you will always come out on top and will never need to pay any hidden fees.

Call Solicitors On Your Side today to get started on your claim on 0330 912 2124, email us at [email protected] or use our Contact Us Page where you can speak on LiveChat to us. From there, one of our specialists will be in touch to get started on your claim.

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