Infection claims

Healthcare acquired infection claims

Healthcare Acquired Infections

Learn more about healthcare acquired infection claims, how infections are caused and the remedy to seek recourse if healthcare professional practice has not been followed. Pathogens can be transmitted through many different ways. These would include; skin to skin contact, sexual intercourse, bodily fluids, airborne particles or even just touching the area that has been previously touched by the infected person. Because there’s so many ways of how the infections or viruses could spread, you need to make sure that you stay safe from being infected, but most importantly, by healthcare professionals following the correct standards of practice.

To make sure you reduce infection, you can do this by simply washing your hands regularly, vaccinate yourself against infectious diseases, try to keep away from crowds and stay at home if you feel unwell.


Prevention and control of infection spreading is massively important at a healthcare setting. All of the workers, even the ones that don’t have to deal with patients, should be using protective items, which includes masks, gloves, aprons and sometimes even goggles (depending on what job the person is performing). The doctors ALWAYS need to make sure whether the environment they are working in is safe for all patients, therefore they should sterilise the equipment every time they use it with a different patient.

Healthcare associated infections can develop as a result of healthcare interventions such as surgeries or physical contact with the patient. During a medical procedure the surgeons, doctors, nurses etc. have to make sure that all of the equipment they use is sterilised and not touched by the side that will be in contact with the patients body. This is very important as if the equipment was infected, it would be very easy for the pathogen to enter the patients’ body and cause huge damage to their physical wellbeing, or sometimes it could even cause the death of the patient.

If you have been at a hospital or any other healthcare facility and have any worries about your health since you have been there or since you left, make sure you speak to your doctor about any of your concerns. The doctor will most likely first prescribe antibiotics for you. However if the bacteria becomes resistant to the antibiotics, which could mean that you will no longer be able to treat the infection and you will be at a risk of developing different health conditions and sometimes life threatening conditions such as sepsis and a septic shock. This would be a typica instance in many of the infection claims we deal with.

If you believe that you have been a victim of medical negligence and you have gotten an infection due to many different factors, or if you have lost a loved one due to hospital acquired infection Contact Solicitors on your side now about infection claims.

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