judicial review

What is Judicial Review?

Judicial Review is the review of public authority decisions by the court. It allows the decisions to be challenged based on whether the decision was made according to the correct procedure.

It challenges the way that a decision has been made based on 3 grounds, whether it is; illegal, irrational or unfair.

Judicial Review doesn’t question whether the decision was right but whether the correct law and procedure was followed. We advise that the process of a Judicial Review is lengthy and costly, however, our experienced solicitors can ensure your case is as strong as possible, so you can come out with the best possible outcome.

Reasons for considering Judicial Review

There is a range of reasons why individuals may consider Judicial Review, these include:

  • If you have no right to appeal in the UK.
  • If you are challenging imminent removal
  • Refusal to appeal in the Upper tribunal.
  • If you have been detained unlawfully
  • If your submissions were rejected for a fresh claim.

We recommend that you seek legal advice upon deciding to apply for Judicial Review, we will ensure to review your options carefully and advise you on the best possible path to take for your particular situation, we will use our knowledge and experience to help you get the outcome you want and deserve.

With our experience and knowledge, our solicitors can help you fill your application out thoroughly and carefully, increasing the chances of it being accepted. If the individual applies for reconsideration of application, this is usually done with an oral hearing, and 20% of oral hearings are granted with permission to apply for judicial review.

Stages of Judicial Review

Stages of judicial review are complicated and thorough, each stage has a cost, and the overall cost can be way over £1,000, which can be a lot more if steps are unsuccessful and must be re-done.

All Judicial Review applications start with the Pre-Action stage also known as the PAP stage, which consists of writing an effective to the point letter informing them of the decision you have made. This letter gives them a chance to withdraw the decision or correct the error. This letter is called a “letter before claim”, and we advise that our experienced solicitors write this letter for you to come out with a better outcome.

This leads to a permission stage, which costs initially £154, this usually consists of filling out a form. This costly process requires the form to be filled out thoroughly and carefully ensuring no mistakes are made, as if the permission form is rejected, to be reconsidered at a hearing of the decision will set you back another £350.

If you have been granted permission to proceed with judicial review, the fee is £700.

Our experienced solicitors will help you minimise the costs of a Judicial Review. Contact us now to discuss your case and determine the best possible option for you. We will ensure the process is as stress-free as it can possibly be, enabling you to get back to your daily life, in the best possible way.

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