British Citizenship by marriage

Can I Get British Citizenship by Marriage? An Easy Guide

Why do people apply for British Citizenship?

British Citizenship can be a great option for a lot of married people who want to settle in the country without any worries about their immigration status. There’s a range of reasons why people may want to apply for British Citizenship, these reasons include:

  • Security living in the UK, without worrying about immigration status.
  • Being able to vote in Major elections, and having a say in how the country is run.
  • Getting a British Passport, enabling you to travel to a range of other countries.

What are the requirements for applying for British Citizenship?

There is a range of requirements that individuals must meet before applying for British Citizenship, these include:

  • Having either: indefinite leave to remain, settled status or a permanent residence document.
  • Must be 18 or over to apply.
  • Must have good character, proving they haven’t broken any laws in the UK.

You can either apply by yourself or get an agent or representative to do it for you, Solicitors on Your Side can help you with a successful application. If you have applied for British Citizenship through marriage, you can expect to receive the outcome of your application within 6 months, in that time, if required, you may be asked to provide extra evidence.

When applying for British Citizenship, you must also do a series of tests, such as a language test to prove that you have adequate knowledge of the English language and a Life In The UK test, which must pass before proceeding with your application. More information on these tests can be found on the Free Movement Website.

For more information about applying for British Citizenship make sure to read our British Citizenship Page to find out about the process of applying for British Citizenship and how we can help.

How we can help

We understand that applying for British Citizenship can be extremely time consuming and stressful, the price of the application is £1,330 with an extra £19 for biometric information. If your application is rejected, you will not be able to get your money back and you will have to re-apply and start the entire process again, costing you unnecessary time and money.

If you contact Solicitors On Your Side, our experienced solicitors can make sure that your application is filled out thoroughly and carefully, making sure all the necessary information and evidence is provided to make sure that your application is processed successfully.

Our solicitors will guide you through the process making sure that your experience is as stress-free and easy as possible, enabling you to get your British Citizenship in a good time.

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