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Claiming Asylum in the UK

When you come to the UK as a refugee, you must apply for asylum, it is advised that this is done as soon as you enter the country. If you are unable to claim asylum as soon as you enter the UK, you can do it over the telephone, but you must have a reason why you couldn’t do it as soon as you entered the country.

The Process of Claiming Asylum in the UK

After Entering

When you enter the UK, you must claim asylum as soon as possible, whether it is on the border or the port. If you are unable to do so, you can do it by contacting the Asylum Screening unit, giving a good reason why you couldn’t claim asylum, with evidence if it may be necessary. Our experienced solicitors can help you with that. If you have nowhere to live, you do not need to phone in and can present yourself at a screening unit.

Screening Interview

This is the first interview that you will have to go to after claiming asylum in the UK. This usually happens within 1-5 days of you entering the country.  Usually, if you claimed asylum as you entered the UK, you are likely to have your first interview there. If you claimed asylum over the phone, you are likely to have the interview within 5 days. During this interview, they will ask you basic questions about your background and family and briefly asking why you are claiming asylum.

Substantive Interview

This is the big interview as a part of your asylum application, it is advised that during this, your lawyer or solicitor is present, as this is a very thorough and complicated process that our experienced lawyers are knowledgeable in. This interview can last several hours, and they will ask you a range of questions as to why you are claiming asylum in the UK. Sometimes the waiting time for this interview can be months and even years, so you must be well prepared for it. Our experienced solicitors will help you thoroughly prepare for this interview ensuring that all the necessary evidence is present.

This may be the most important part of your process. You should ask for your interview to be audio recorded. This must be requested in a written form 24 hours, or 3 days before the interview if you are held in detention, our experienced solicitors can write this letter for you. Having an audio recording is extra evidence if the Home Office decides to reject your application.

The Decision

Positive Decision

It can take a couple of months to get a decision from the Home Office about your asylum application outcome. If you get a positive decision on your asylum claim, you will be granted a leave to remain which may be in the form of a “Refugee Status “or “Humanitarian Protection”, these will both give you 5 years leave to remain in the UK.

Negative Decision

It is possible that you will get a negative decision and your asylum application is refused. If this occurs, our experienced solicitors can help you get the outcome you deserve. This is an extremely stressful and long process, but with our knowledge and experience, we believe we can help you achieve the correct outcome. For more about appealing your asylum application decision, you can read it in our article following this one.

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