green air zones

Green air zones in the UK and what you need to know

The government has recently announced the introduction of green air zones across the UK. This is a targeted action to increase the air quality in areas to support health. Clean air zones aim to discourage the use of older vehicles in a long-term goal to reduce air pollution in specific areas of the UK and ensure that the levels of pollution aren’t breaching the legal limit. 

How will clean air zones be imposed by the government?

This scheme encourages local businesses and councils to impose the use of modern, low polluting vehicles, and keep up low emissions used for taxis, buses and other forms of public transport. These will also be encouraged to support a healthy lifestyle of cycling and walking, instead of driving.

To avoid pollution in clean air zones, drivers whose vehicles do not meet the clean air zones standards will have to pay charges to travel through clean air zones. 

The local council will decide what type of restrictions will be imposed in clean air zones, and buses and coaches that meet the Euro VI standards will be exempt from charges and restrictions. If you would like to find out if your vehicle is exempt from clean air restrictions or if you have to pay to enter clean air zones, click here

Where to find out more 

To find out whether your local area will have green air zones implemented, you can find out here. 

Charges and penalties will be involved! 

If vehicle drivers fail to pay green air zone charges when their vehicle does not meet the pollution standards, they are likely to face fines and penalties. The charges must be paid by 11:59 pm on the sixth day after driving into the zone. You can pay up to 6 days before you travel.

If you have paid a green air zone charge, you may be eligible to request a refund if you live in Bath, Birmingham, and Portsmouth. The charge for failing to pay to travel in the green air zone is a Penalty Charge Notice. 

Where can I find out more? 

We have attached some helpful links for people who will be affected by green air zones and links to check whether you will have to pay:

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