Is filtering through traffic legal? Find out now.

What does it mean?

Filtering through traffic is safe and legal, as it enables cyclists and motorcyclists to keep moving whilst the other vehicles are not. It allows these more vulnerable road users to move to the front of traffic to keep themselves safe, and it also lets other drivers aware of their presence. Smaller vehicles like motorbikes, mopeds or bicycles usually filter through traffic to skip the queue to save time and get to a place much quicker than other vehicles that are much bigger.

filtering through traffic

Is filtering through traffic legal?

Filtering through traffic is an entirely legal method for motorcycles if it is done safely. There are many ways why these road users may want to filter through traffic, and the main benefit of this is to let them get to their destination a lot faster by avoiding stationary traffic. Filtering through traffic enables these road users to get ahead of the queue and avoid the danger of being read ended and makes other drivers aware of their presence.

Why is filtering through traffic legal?

Filtering through traffic is perfectly legal as it reduces the congestion of the traffic. As motorcyclists and cyclists take up less space on a lane, they can safely filter to the front and make space for other drivers.

The highway code states that: 

“Once moving, you should be aware of other road users, especially cycles and motorcycles who may be filtering through the traffic. These are more difficult to see than larger vehicles and their riders are particularly vulnerable”

Why is it dangerous to filter through traffic?

As practical as filtering through traffic is, if done wrong, it can be very dangerous. Motorbikes are one of the smallest vehicles on the roads, this means that they may be much less visible to other vehicles on the roads, especially large vehicles like lorries, that can have limited visibility.

Vehicles that cause accidents with filtering motorcycles are usually the ones that do not check their blind spots. Motorcycles are small enough to fit into a vehicle’s blind spot, and when manoeuvring, drivers should always check their blind spot.

When filtering through traffic on the A-roads, motorcyclists need to ensure that they stop at every pedestrian crossing and red light. It is crucial to pay attention to what is happening on the roads.

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