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Eye Injuries – Everything you need to know

Even though most eye injuries tend to be remotely minor and do not have long term severe complications to the health, in some cases, they can be destructive and cause severe complications to your health. There is a variety of ways that you can get these injuries; the most common causes of these injuries are medical negligence and accidents, either way, contact one of our solicitors, to get the highest possible compensation for your damages.

Optic Injuries from Medical Negligence 

Optic injuries can occur from medical negligence, which means that the cause of the injury was due to negligence by a professional medical practitioner. Trained medical practitioners have a duty of care to their patients to always ensure their safety, ensuring they get the best possible treatment for their condition. However, even though that medical staff are highly trained and mostly provide immaculate treatment; occurrences of negligence can occur. The most common examples of negligence concerning eye treatment include:

  • Condition misdiagnosis.
  • Condition late diagnosis.
  • A delay in referral for assessment could potentially lead to further complications.
  • Prescribing incorrect medications to help conditions.
  • Carrying out medical procedures incorrectly.

If you would like to find out more about these medical negligence claims, read here. Our solicitors can provide you with the best advice to ensure that you get the highest possible compensation for your injuries in the most stress-free and easy way.

Eye injuries from accidents 

You can also experience eye injuries from accidents that were not your fault, the most common types of accidents that result in these injuries include:

  • Road traffic accidents like; car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, passenger accidents and cycling accidents. If you would like to find out more, click here.
  • Work accidents like; accidents in factories, restaurants and building sites. If you would like to find out more, click here.
  • Accidents in public like; accidents in restaurants, accidents in a gym or accidents in salons. If you would like to read more about accidents in public, read here.

How can I sustain injuries from accidents? 

The list of causes of injuries from accidents can be never-ending; our experienced solicitors experienced that the main common accidents causing an injury include:

  • When working in a factory or manufacturing where small pieces of plastic or glass can be a hazard to you, it is essential to wear protective wear to protect you from injuries. If the employer fails to provide you or provides you with defective eyewear, and you experience an injury, you may be eligible to claim compensation.
  • During road traffic accidents, glass is likely to be smashed, and if it comes to contact with the eye, which can lead to injuries that you may be eligible to claim for.

Common Injuries 

There is a range of things you can claim for if you have experienced an injury concerning eye medical procedures, these include:

  • Iris injuries
  • Pupil injuries
  • Cornea injuries
  • Lens injuries
  • Retina injuries
  • Optical nerve injury

If you would like to read more about common injuries, read here.

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