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Injured In A Criminal Accident? An Easy Guide To Making A Claim

If you have experienced a serious injury after a criminal accident, you may be eligible to claim compensation under the government Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Our experienced solicitors will ensure to gather any necessary evidence and help you get the correct compensation for your case. According to The Office Of National Statistics, crimes with violence and injury accounted for 540,502 offences, and crimes resulting in death or serious injury, consisting of 810 offences.

What is CICA?

CICA is a compensation scheme set up by the government to help innocent victims of violent crime. It was set up in 1996 and it is an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Justice, its job is to administer the scheme on behalf of the government. Anyone who has been physically injured as a result of a crime is entitled to make a criminal injury claim under CICA. Individuals who make a claim with CICA for criminal injuries can get compensation varying from £1,000 to £500,000.

How to make a successful CICA claim?

There is a range of things that an individual must do before being able to apply for successful compensation with CICA. First and foremost, the crime must be reported to the police before proceeding to a claim for compensation. We advise that the prosecutor doesn’t have to be caught or identified to be able to make a CICA claim. Contact one of our experienced solicitors to help you present a strong case and ensure you get the highest possible compensation for your CICA claim.

Time Limit 

The time limit to make a CICA claim is usually two years within the crime. We advise not to wait until the crime has been concluded to make a CICA claim, as the conclusion of the crime can last longer than 2 years.

If a child has been injured due to a crime, the claim can be made at any point until the child’s 20th birthday, if the crime was reported whilst the victim was still a child.

If you wish to apply for compensation more than 2 years after the crime was reported to the police, you must provide them with evidence as to why you couldn’t claim within 2 years of the crime being reported.

Process of making a CICA claim

The initial process of making a CICA claim is quite straightforward and usually consists of one stage unless the individual is unhappy with the outcome. The initial stage consists of making a claim, during which the CICA request for police reports and medical evidence. After that, they decide whether to give compensation and how much the individual may get.

If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can go into the review stage, during which you can submit the review of an application within 56 days of the original decision, they will usually reassess the claim and ask for further evidence.

If you are unhappy with the final decision, you can go into the appeal stage, during which you will be appealing to the CICA tribunal, this decision is usually final.

How long does it take?

After submitting a CICA claim, you can usually expect to receive the outcome within 12-18 months, this process can be fast-tracked if you suffered from sexual assault and these applications usually take within 8 weeks, during which the CICA only considers police reports as evidence.

How we can help after a criminal accident

To avoid the hassle, you would like to have your application completed in a good time and get the correct outcome in the first-time round, without having to appeal the decision. Our experienced solicitors will ensure to gather any necessary evidence to make sure your story is conveyed in the best way. If you would like the best outcome guaranteed, we highly advise you to contact one of our experienced solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side.

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