Channel Crossing White Cliffs of Dover

The Control Of Channel Crossings Agreement

This week has seen decisive action declared against the increasing problem in the channel crossing between Britain and France. The ongoing issue has escalated recently with the requirement for extra border patrols on beaches and more regular trips for intercepting boats in the channel. Home-Secretary Priti Patel has now come out to publicly declare a large sum of money to be donated to the French to ease tensions as migration is continually getting out of control on both sides of the crossing.

The £54-Million Deal To Control Channel Crossings

Due to the vast sum of taxpayers money involved in this project, it was inevitably going to face both criticism and a certain amount of resistance. Ms Patel’s bold decision to provide the required funds has certainly triggered debate amongst the British public. Whilst the intricate details of the payment model remain private, what has been disclosed so far is the reasoning behind the timing of the deal. It has come to light that a record single-day total of 430 people were caught trying to enter the UK via the channel. This alarming rate was followed the next day by a further 287 hopeful migrators and therefore, immediate action to rectify the problem was deemed necessary.

The Border-Control Plan

The injection of the multi-million pound sum will fund the specific criteria set out by both countries in an attempt to address and manage the border. This involves attending to the change in dynamic after they were able to identify that over 60% of these migrants came from Belgium in what Ms Patel described as “a complete change in modus operandi” after noting distinct changes in both patterns and behaviour.

The intention is to increase links with Germany, Holland and Belgium for additional support and stop the problem at the source rather than at the border itself. This will include the number of police patrolling French beaches to more than double for the second time in a year to prevent illegal migration and stop small boats from departing French beaches and embarking on the dangerous journey to Britain.

The Impact on Migration To The U.K

The Nationality and Borders Bill, which has not been fully approved yet, will address the failures of the current asylum system which has come under heavy criticism. It also acknowledges the criminal activity behind illegal migration and the importance of clamping down on these wrong-doings as a matter of priority.

The Bill will encourage people through safe and legal routes for UK entry.  Its aim is to prevent abuse of the system, cracking down on illegal entry and the criminality associated with it. The hope is that rather than allowing people to undertake dangerous journeys to the UK as their preferred destination they will be supported and ushered down the correct paths and avoid any further issues upon arrival in the country.

Whilst nothing is set in stone, the massive offering of money from Britain to France in support of a system that is currently not working is certainly controversial. Time will tell if it is the right move and both countries can learn from their mistakes in this pivotal area of concern.

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