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Case Study – Drunk in Charge Delivery Driver

This case study will be focusing on a drunk in charge case, that our solicitors successfully defended. Our motoring team has recently helped a pizza delivery driver facing a driving ban, which would have had a detrimental impact on their job. If charged with this offence, our client would face a driving ban of 17 months, which would result in a loss of occupation, leading to a detrimental impact on his and his family’s finances.  

Our client, who is a pizza delivery driver, relied on his driving licence to be able to perform his role. If charged guilty of the offence, he would face a driving ban for at least 17 months, which would lead to him losing his job, which he and his family relied on. 

During a summer evening, our client attended a BBQ with his friends during which he consumed alcoholic drinks, and walked back home. When he came home, he needed to charge his phone, during which he realised that his phone charger was not working. To charge his phone he went into his car, which was pulled up at the side of the road with the engine switched on. During that time, our client fell asleep. 

A concerned neighbour called the police, deeming this behaviour to be suspicious. Following that, the police attended and breathalysed the client who blew 73 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath, with the limit being 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath. 

The client was charged with being in control of a vehicle whilst over the limit, for which he could have faced a ban of at least 17 months. 

The delivery driver reached out for our team’s help, which is when our solicitors started collating evidence to prove that the delivery driver had no intention of driving his vehicle. With our experienced help, our solicitors managed to prove that our client was genuinely using his car to charge the phone, by demonstrating the broken wall charger. With the use of back-calculation, they also managed to calculate that by the time that our client had to drive, later on, that day, we would have been under the legal limit. Our solicitors also used GPS tracking on his phone, to prove that he walked home, and used character references to prove that our client had to intention to drive. 

Our client was successful and wasn’t awarded a driving ban or point of his licence, ensuring that he secures his role. Our client also had the opportunity to receive a defendant court order during which he recovered up to 70% of his legal costs using legal aid.

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Being charged with a motoring offence doesn’t always involve costly fines or losing precious points on your licence, for less serious offences such as speeding offences, Driver Improvement and Speed awareness courses are available to teach and remind drivers on how to act right on the road. These cost less than a speeding ticket and enable you to save points on your licence, contact Solicitors On Your Side to analyse the best available options for you.

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