Could the annual MOT be scrapped?

Due to the rising costs of living, the government is considering changing how often drivers may need to attend an MOT. This is to ease the cost of living in the UK due to the increases in living prices including gas bill prices and petrol. 

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson held a cabinet meeting during which he asked a team of professionals to come up with ideas to ease the cost of living in the UK, which does not require spending from the government. Among other ideas, the transport secretary Mr Shapps discussed the idea of scrapping the yearly MOT check and imposing it to be held every two years instead.

At this time, vehicles which are over 3 years must hold a certificate of MOT, which needs to be refreshed every year. With the new ideas which can be possibly put in place, drivers can save up to £55 a year on MOT costs. 

Can this be safe? 

Annual MOTs are necessary for vehicles that are older than 3 years to ensure that the car is in full safe and working order. Any precautions or dangers should be clearly outlined with information to the driver on how this has to be solved for the vehicle to be in safe driving condition. 

However, companies such as the AA have outlined that this can lead to higher repair bills if the problems with the vehicles aren’t caught early enough. They also noted that the bi-annual MOT checks can make the road “more dangerous and put jobs in the garages at risk”. 

Cost of Living 

Due to the 30-year inflation rise of 7% in the last month, many people are facing increases in energy bills, petrol prices and National Insurance tax rise. The Prime Minister, therefore, has announced that he hold a cabinet meeting in the next couple of weeks to tackle the cost of living crisis.

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