Accidents in Restaurants

About Accidents in Restaurants

The Occupier’s Liability Act was enforced in 1957 to protect the health and safety of any visitors restaurant. The occupier of the premises must enforce a range of precautions to ensure that the visitors are kept to the safest possible standard.

If there are any hazards in the property, the occupier must clearly outline them by placing signs. Accidents in restaurants can happen often; slippery floors, hot dishes and sharp objects are something the staff are used to working in such an environment. However, the risks must be kept to the lowest possible standard, to avoid the instance of an accident occurring.

Types of accidents in the restaurant

There is a range of risks that the visitors can be exposed to in a restaurant, all precautions must be taken to avoid these from occurring. If precautions are not taken, accidents can occur. The most common accidents in restaurants include:

  • Slips, trips and falls are very common in restaurants and are caused by wet floors or objects on the floor. Spills are very common in restaurants; any spills must be cleared up in a good time, and wet floor signs are displayed as a precaution.
  • Falling objects such as; plates and glasses can fall and can cause more harm than expected.
  • Broken glass can be a frequent occurrence in a restaurant and if someone is cut, it can pose a huge danger to anyone. Any broken glass should be cleared up at the quickest time.
  • Dangerous machinery can pose a huge risk to the visitors of the restaurant premises, machines such as cutters and grills. If not used correctly by the staff, it can burn or cut visitors.
  • Hot apparatus if not handled correctly can be dangerous to visitors of the restaurant. Staff should warn about any hot plates or cups. Scalding can also occur when the visitor is in contact with hot liquids.

We advise that these are just some examples of accidents that could occur in the restaurant, if you have experienced any sort of accident in the workplace, we advise that you contact one of our experienced solicitors now, to help you get the highest possible compensation for your case.

Duty of care to visitors

It is the occupier’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is safe on the premises, they must enforce a range of precautions to make sure everyone is always safe to a reasonable standard, these include:

  • Adhering to health and safety guidance.
  • Enforcing regular machinery maintenance checks.
  • Make sure any trips hazards or any hazards at all are taken care of at a good time and to a reasonable standard.
  • Carrying out risk assessments outside the restaurant to ensure that any dangers are identified are taken care of at a good time and to the best possible standard.

What should I do if I’ve been hurt in a restaurant?

If you have been injured or hurt in a restaurant, we highly advise that you contact one of our experienced solicitors at Solicitors On Your Side now, so you can come out with the highest possible compensation for your case. We advise that all cases require an extent of evidence to help get higher compensation, and the more evidence you can provide the more likely you are to receive higher compensation. Evidence to include:

  • Pictures and videos
  • Access any CCTV footage if you can
  • Witness reports
  • Medical reports

How we can help

Our experienced solicitors in occupier’s liability will help you get the highest compensation for your case; we will help you gather any necessary evidence to help with your case. We will treat your case in the best possible manner, allowing you to feel comfortable speaking your story in the best possible way. If you have experienced an injury on public premises, we highly advise that you talk to one of our experienced solicitors, we will help you determine how much compensation you may get and how long the process will last.

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